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Do you ever need to be two places at once? Have you ever thought that you need an assistant just to handle the task in your personal life?  Are you a small business that can't afford the overhead of a fulltime employee? Look no further, Jet-Setter Consultants will fly right over and give you a hand. Please contact us to inquire about our affordable personal assistants.


Needs us for a week, a day, or just an hour. We have rates and time slots that are perfect for a person on the go like you.


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Jet-Setter Consultants sponsors the nonprofit organization L.I.F.E (Ladies Intellectually Fixing the Economy)

To schedule an appointment or find out more about the services we offer, please call +1 213 840-9466 or send us an email.


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We are excited to announce that our Small Business Premium package includes becoming Minority and/or Women's Business Certified in your chosen state. Please inquire for details.

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