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With close to a decade in project and operation management experience, Rese Clifton has developed a keen sense of forecasting the evolution of young and maturing businesses. Identifying to what degree of assistance each individual and/or corporation requires to strategically reach their primary goals. Rese has credentials in Business, is the Owner/CEO of Jet-Setter Consultants as well as the founder of the nonprofit organization L.I.F.E. (Ladies Intellectually Fixing the Economy). Rese states " I am driven by my capability to help others find the tools that are required to achieve their purpose and secure their fortune".


Rese Clifton's clients range from telecommunication businesses to Mom-and-Pop shops and even stay at home mom's that need challenging errands  handled for their familes. Being so diverse allows Rese and her team to relate to all clientele and cater to their needs in an attentive and professional manner.

Jet-Setter Consultants was founded by Rese Clifton and has since grown to include a full staff with a diverse range of backgrounds and experience.

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Jet-Setter Consultants sponsors the nonprofit organization L.I.F.E (Ladies Intellectually Fixing the Economy)

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We are excited to announce that our Small Business Premium package includes becoming Minority and/or Women's Business Certified in your chosen state. Please inquire for details.

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